Setting up discount on all products or on different variants of the same product

While Discounted Pricing is best used on multiple products purchased together, it is also possible to create discounts to all products in the entire store or to different variants of the same product. 

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Discount on all products

To set up a discount on all products, follow the steps below:

Launch the app and go to  Offers.
Click the  Actions drop-down arrow on the offer that you want to set and choose  Edit.
Scroll down and check the box that says  or apply this volume discounts across the entire store.
Click  Save.

Discount on different variants

To set up a discount on different variants of a product, follow the steps below:

Launch the app and click Create an Offer.
Choose  Volume Discount for the Offer  Type.
Enter the minimum quantity to be reached, the discount percentage that you want to give out, and the product(s) that you want the discount to apply. 
Scroll down to the bottom part of the  Offer  Details section and choose  Per Product under  Sum up Quantities.
Click  Save.

Common Questions

Is it possible to put an exception to a single product if the discount is set to the entire store?
Unfortunately, this is not possible to set within the app. If you have checked the option to set the discount to the entire store, it will take effect on all products and there is no exception. 

Can I get a discount if I purchase the variants of the same product to meet the quantity requirement?
Yes! The discount will apply as long as you are able to meet the quantity requirement.

Can I create tiered discounts for first-time customers and set restrictions on them such as single-use coupons, minimum or maximum amount spent, etc.?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can add codes, however, you cannot set restrictions on them.

Can I set the discount to show even to new customers who have not been tagged yet?
By default, the discounts are actually shown to ALL customers. You can set it otherwise though by setting the app to only show the discounts to customers who have logged in with their accounts. 

Can I exclude tagged customers for the discount?
No, the app can only be set to show the offer to specifically-tagged customers and not hide it instead.