Applying additional discount codes

Is there a need to offer your customers the option to use a discount code on top of a Discounted Pricing offer? That's not a problem. The app can be set to allow your customers to use discount codes together with their discounted offers. So they are happier and more satisfied, while you gain returning and loyal customers.

NOTE: Before you proceed, please take note that our app does not support the Shopify discount codes listed below or any discount codes created by third-party apps:

  • Shipping discounts 
  • Expired discounts 
  • Upsell based discount codes
  • Discounts based on customer eligibility (specific customers or groups) 
  • Discounts based on usage limits ( limit to one use per customer or to a number of times used)

Using these types of codes in conjunction with our app may cause undesirable effects Example includes and is not limited to: providing the customer with a 100% discount code instead of "free shipping" when using the free shipping Shopify discount code option.

Here are a few simple steps to enable the setting that allows additional discount codes: 

1. Launch the app and click the Settings tab.

2. Click General Settings.

3. Make sure to set the button to ON to allow customers to use a discount code in conjunction with their discounted cart.

Note: You can turn this setting OFF anytime you want if you feel necessary to prevent your customers from using additional discount codes again.

4. Click Save.

You will now see an additional field on your cart page for customers to include a discount code.

Having issues with your discount codes? Please ensure you have synced your discounts to make sure they will work. If you do not sync the discount codes, then it will automatically sync after 12 hours.

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