Applying additional discount codes

Need to offer customers the option to use a discount code on top of a Discounted Pricing offer?

NOTE: Our app does not support the "free shopping" shopify code or any discount codes created by third party apps.

From the settings page - please ensure that the following value is turned to "ON"

You will now see an additional field in your cart page for customers to include a discount code.

Having issues viewing your discount codes? Please ensure you have  synced your discounts.

You can also edit the additional discounts wording from the settings page:

The wording would show up as shown:

After you have turned this on, you will also need to sync your discount codes for the code to work straight away. If you do not sync the discount codes, then it will automatically sync after 12 hours.

To sync the discount codes, please follow this guide.

If you need more help with applying coupon codes, please click on "contact us" below.

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