Styling the Discounted Pricing Table

The volume discount table on your product pages has default settings when they appear.

If you're looking at customizing the looks of your discounted pricing table on your product pages, we have a styling tool that allows you to do this! By adjusting a few settings on the app, you can style your volume discount table to your own preference such as the following:

  • Change colors or adjust the thickness of borders
  • Modify background colors and text alignment
  • Change the text colors
  • Modify the table's type of display

In this article, we are going to style the table to customize the settings of all mentioned above:

1. To start, you'll need to first click on the Settings button on the left navigation panel.

2. Choose Discount Table under the Customize Design tab.

3. Click the Design tab.

4. Set Override table style to ON.

5. You will then see the different settings to change the style. Under Table Title Style, choose your desired Title Position, Font size and color, and Background.

Note: Your changes will be reflected in the preview window on the right as you make them.

6. Under Table Header Cell Style, choose your desired Background, Border, Font colorText Align, Padding, Border Width, and Font size.

7. Under Table Cell Style, choose your desired values for the same settings.

8. Under the Discount Cell Style, choose your desired Font color, Background, Table Font Style, and Text Style.

9. Under Table General Style, choose your desired Table border, font style, border width, Min width, and Max width.

10. Click the Table Type tab and choose your desired type.

11. Click Save.

You now have a customized volume discount table.

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