Product Page Message

What is a Product Page Message?

A product page message is a short phrase that appears above the discount table which adds encouragement to customers to take advantage of the discounts your store offers.

Can I change the fonts, font size, or color of the product page message?

Currently, the fonts, size, or color of the product page message is fixed and there is no way to change it within the app. 

Can I remove the product page message if I prefer not to have it?

Definitely! Follow these steps to remove the product page message:

1. Launch the app and go to Offers.

2. Click the Actions drop-down menu on the offer and choose Edit.

3. Scroll down to the Step 2 section and look for the Product Page Message field.

4. Erase the entire message and make sure the field is left blank and then click Save.

Note: In case having a blank field won't let you save, you can add a space in it and then attempt to save again. 

5. Go back to your test store and test the product page again. If the Product Message still appears, go back to the app and go to Settings.

6. Click Language.

7. Delete the texts in the Product Page Message field and put a space in it.

8. Click Save.

The product page message above the discount table should now be removed.

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