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Discounted Pricing will not work with automatic discounts due to Shopify's one-discount rule on the checkout page. Creating automatic discounts on the checkout page will override any discounts generated from our app.

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Setting up a discount per variant

You can set up discounts per variant by setting the offer to "Per Variant". To achieve this, follow the steps below:
Launch the app and go to Offers.
Click the Actions drop-down arrow on the offer that you want to modify and select Edit.
Scroll down and choose Per Variant under Sum Up Quantities.
Click Save.

Common Questions

Is it possible to set a limit for the discount that customers can get?
This type of setting is not supported by Discounted Pricing. The app can create whatever types of discounts you may wish such as percentage, fixed amount off, or fixed price. However, it cannot set a limitation on the amount of discount the customer can get

Is it necessary to create the discount in Shopify to make the app work?
Not anymore! We designed the app to give you as much convenience and lesser work as possible. As soon as you have properly created an offer using the app, the discounts will automatically apply to all the products you have chosen and there is no need to create it in your Shopify admin.

Why is the discount not applied to a single item bought?
If a discount is already set but does not apply, check the minimum quantity that has been set for the offer. Most of the time, this is the detail that is commonly missed. The customer purchase may not have reached the required quantity for the discount to apply.

Can I set the app to display the total percentage of the discount?
This is not possible. The app can only display the discount percentage for each item and not the total percentage for all.