About creating offers

Once you have installed the Discounted Pricing app, the next step is to create offers or edit existing offers on your online store. You can also test them to make sure they are working, or disable/enable them at anytime

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Creating/Editing an offer

Launch the app and click Create an Offer
Click the drop-down arrow and choose the type of offer. In this example, we select  Spend Amount - Get Discount. This type of offer allows customers to get a discount when a specified amount of purchase is reached.
The next step will then be visible for you to fill out. Enter an amount that should be met in the  Min Spend field.
In the Discount section, specify a discount that you want to give out as soon as the minimum spend is met. You can choose the type of discount from % off each product or a fixed amount from the total order.
Select the product(s) that you want the offer to apply.
Click  Save.

Disabling/Enabling and changing the order

Go to the Offers tab.
The Status toggle allows you to enable or disable any of the offers by sliding them to the  ON/OFF position. 
To change the order of offers, just click and hold the hamburger icon on the left side of the offer and drag it upward or downward to the desired position.

Note: The order of the offers is very important since all your store offers are ordered in priority. The broader offers (such as an entire collection or the entire store) would need to be at the bottom, whereas the more specific offers (such as individual products) would need to be on the top. If the orders are mixed, then the more particular offers will not appear.

Testing an offer

Testing an offer is necessary to make sure the offer you created is working as intended. To test an offer, follow the easy steps below:

Launch the app and go to Offers.
Click on the Actions button next to the offer you want to check and then choose Test.
Click See the offer in action.
Add the product to your cart.
Go to your cart page. From there, you can add the quantities required to meet the requirements you have set for the offer and check if the discount has been applied.

Common Questions

How many offers can I create?
Ideally, the maximum number of offers that can be created is up to 25 offers. However, you can still continue and create additional offers in case you have already reached this number.

Can I create discount offers that have decimal points in them and not just whole numbers, such as 7.5 or 12.5?
Yes definitely. You can create any discount as you wish, even with decimal points.

Can I create discounts using quantity rules per group of products?
Unfortunately, the app does not have this level of customization yet. 

Can I create offers with products in bulk but with capping?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. At this point, the app does not have the capability yet to set a capping for an offer.