Using currency converters

Discounted prices will be displayed in your store's currency by default. The app can work with currency converter apps however, most of them will cause unexpected results (Like incorrectly displaying the price of the item).

Compatible Apps

1. Auto Currency Switcher app will always work right out of the box. We recommend using this.

2. We have recently made Currency Hero FREE for all users of this app. Currency Hero is now compatible with the app and will show converted prices automatically. It's a one click install. Please note that adding a currency dropdown selector is available but we offer absolutely no support in integrating this into your theme. We love you all but we cannot provide theme customizations for a free app :)

Using any other currency switcher apps may affect how our app will behave with discounts. We will try to assist you but it might not be possible to have the apps work together.

If you need any help, please click on the "Contact Us" link below!

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