Charges for paused or uninstalled app

There is a bit of confusion about customers being charged even if they have uninstalled the app. Discounted Pricing has a trial period of 7 days and the majority of the concerns raised is that they have been charged even if they have uninstalled the app after the trial period.

This issue happens because the charging for the installed app, just like most other apps, is on a monthly basis. These charges reflect immediately after the trial period has ended and the succeeding month has started. In short, after the trial period, you will be charged right away for the app usage in the next 30 days.

This also goes the same to situations wherein you have already subscribed for a plan and then paused or did not use the app for a period of time. The charges will continue even if the app has not been used since we are on a monthly plan basis. The only way to stop the charges is to completely uninstall the app.

If you are still on the trial period and wish to uninstall the app, we recommend uninstalling it on the last day of the trial period or before it has completely ended. This way, unnecessary charges can be avoided. However, do note that if you decide to reinstall the app in the future, you will no longer be entitled to the 7-day trial period and will be charged right away after reinstalling.