Can I create a bundle offer with mixed products in it?

Question: I want to create a discounted bundle offer consisting of 2 different products. Is that possible?

Answer: Yes it is. However, you cannot specify the quantity of each item in your bundle. You can only set the total number of items for the whole bundle so your customers can pick as many items as they can for each item as long as it is within the requirement in order to get the discount bundle. 

For example, you want to give out a discounted price of 500 if the customer buys 5 pairs of shoes. This bundle consists of Cool Kicks, Gnarly Shoes, and Awesome Sneakers. So your customers can buy 2 pairs of Cool Kicks, 1 pair of Gnarly Shoes, and 2 pairs of Awesome Sneakers. Or, mix and match any of the products as long as the total quantity reaches 5 pairs.

If you want to set specific quantities for each product, you can install the Upsell Bundles app.

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