Creating an offer with mixed products

Can I create a bundle offer with mixed products in it?

You can create a discounted bundle offer that combines different products. For example, you want to set a discounted offer for a bundle consisting of 3 different products such as the following:

  • Three pairs of shoes that include Nice Shoes + Cool Kicks = 300.00

Note: Before you proceed, please note that while you can create a discounted offer for a bundle of mixed products, you cannot set a specific quantity for each item in the bundle. You can only set the overall quantity of all the things inside the bundle. This means that in the bundled example above, the customer can purchase either two pairs of Nice Shoes and a pair of Cool Kicks, or a pair of Nice Shoes and two pairs of Cool Kicks.

If you want to specify the quantity of each item in a bundle, you can install and use the Upsell Bundles app.

1. Launch the app and click Create Offer.

2. In the Offer Type section, click the drop-down arrow and choose Buy X for $ from the menu.

3. In the Offer Details section, enter the total number of products that you want to be met for the bundle. In this example, we enter 3.

4. In the Select products field, choose the products that you want to put in the bundle. In this example, we choose Cool Kicks and Nice Shoes.

Note: You can also choose products from your collections in the given field.

5. Choose the type of discount and its corresponding amount or percentage. In this example, we choose Fixed Amount of 299.

6. Click Save.

You now have the bundle created and it will appear in your dashboard. When your customers add any of the products to their cart and meet the required quantity, the discounted fixed price will automatically apply.

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