I can't see the discounts on the cart page

If the requirements of the offer that you have created have been met - you should see the discounted total on the cart page of your store the moment you test your offers.

If you can't see the discounted total on the cart page, please complete the steps below:

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting guide - please ensure you have Tested the Offer in question

1. Basic checks

  • Ensure the offer requirements have been met. (Eg: Add two of a product to get a discount of 20%)
  • Is there a starts at / ends at time set for the offer? If so - please ensure you are within the times set.
  • Does the offer require a customer to be tagged to view the offer? If so  - please ensure you are logged in and viewing the product as a tagged customer.
  • Ensure you are on the "/cart" page. The URL of the page you are on should contain /cart.

2. Ensure ajax cart settings are turned off

For the app to work correctly - any ajax cart settings need to be disabled. You can find out more about it here and disable it if needed.

3. Ensure theme is synced

Please visit the settings page of the app. Go to Settings > General Settings. From the Troubleshooting section - please click Sync and Check Theme.

If the theme is not synced, please contact us and we will fix this ASAP.

4. Conflict with other apps

While a lot of apps are compatible with our app, there will be some apps in the market that breaks our Discounted Pricing app either partially or entirely.

Here is a list of the types of apps that aren't compatible with our Discounted Upsells app:

  • Any app that takes over the checkout process
  • Any preorder app
  • Any other upsell or discount app

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