I cant see my volume discount table

Why can't I see my volume discount table?

There are several possible reasons why the volume discount table is not showing up on the product page. If you view a product that is included in a volume discounts offer - you should see your volume discounts table below your ADD TO CART button.

However, if you cannot see the volume discount table, you can check each item on the checklist below to troubleshoot the issue. Note: Before proceeding with the troubleshooting guide - please ensure you have Tested the Offer in question.

1. Basic checks

  • Ensure the offer type is set to Volume Discount.
  • Ensure the product you are viewing is included in the offer.
  • Is there a starts at / ends at time set for the offer? If so - please ensure you are within the times set.
  • Does the offer require a customer to be tagged to view the offer? If so  - please ensure you are logged in and viewing the product as a tagged customer.
  • Ensure you are on a product page. The volume discount table will only show on a product page.

2. Check Discount table settings

Please visit the settings page of the app.

Please ensure the " Show a volume discount table on the product page" option is set to ON.

3. Ensure theme is synced

Please visit the  settings page of the app.

From the Troubleshooting section -please click " Check Theme Status"

If the theme is not synced please contact us and we will fix this ASAP.

4. Use the Placement tool to place your volume discount table.

By default - we will find the best place to put the volume discount table. 98% of the time our app will be able to identify this.

Please ensure your volume discount table is placed by following the instructions here.

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