Changing the discount table placement manually

By default, the volume discount table will be placed after the ADD TO CART button on your product page. This is common among online stores since it will be visible to the customers right away when they open the product page.

If you chose to, you can move the volume discount table to another spot on the product page, depending on your preference. Changing the placement of the volume discount table is very simple! There are two ways to do this:

  • Through the app
  • Through your store's theme settings

To change the placement of the table through the app, click here for instructions. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to change the table placement manually through your store's theme settings:

1. On your Shopify admin page, go to Online Store and click Themes.

2. Click Sections.

3. Click product-template.liquid.

4. Choose a spot where you want to place the volume discount table. In this example, we want to place it right under the product price.

5. Enter the code <div class="ba-vol-wrapper"></div>.

6. Click Save.

Your discount table is now under the product price.

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