Is it possible to use PayPal to purchase items when using the discounted pricing app?

Yes, it is! However, the PayPal button on the cart page should not be used because it will not allow applying the discount.

The majority of online shoppers rely on PayPal to pay for their purchases. Unfortunately, PayPal's recent update no longer allows for discounts to be added to the customer's cart page when using Shopify apps. This makes our app not being able to work with PayPal to apply discounts on the customer's cart page. As a workaround, we strongly recommend hiding the PayPal button on the cart page and let the customer use the PayPal button on the checkout page instead. By doing this, the customer can still go through the discounted transaction with PayPal using our app.

It is easy to set the app to hide the PayPal button on the cart page. This feature is enabled by default in the discounted pricing app. Follow the simple steps below:

1. Launch the app and click the Settings tab.

2. Click General Settings.

3. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section and set the button to ON.

4. Click Save. 

The PayPal button should no longer be visible on the cart page.

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