Is it possible to use PayPal to purchase items when using the discounted pricing app?

Question: What if a customer wants to use PayPal to pay for his purchases from my online store with the discounted pricing, is that possible?

Answer: With the recent upgrade of PayPal, it does not allow Shopify apps to apply the discount on a customer's purchase. However, it is possible to avail of the discounts when using PayPal as mode of payment as long as the customer uses the PayPal button in the checkout page and not the one in the cart page. As a workaround and to prevent confusion, we recommend setting the PayPal button to be hidden in the cart page so that the customer will use the PayPal button in the checkout page and will be able to go through with the discounted transaction successfully. Hiding the PayPal button can be configured in the Settings page of your Discounted Pricing app. To learn how to do this, click here.

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