Developer/Custom CSS Section

The app has a Custom CSS section where you can manually add in css codes manually as part of a troubleshooting process for the app. You can access this section by following the simple steps below:

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Accessing the Developer/Custom CSS Section

Follow the simple steps below to access the section: 

Click on the Settings > Customize Design tabs on the left of the Discounted Pricing app screen.
Once on the  Customize Design window, Choose  Advanced.
You can then see the  Custom CSS section at the lower portion.

Note: As the short clip suggests, please only use this section if you have an understanding of HTML and/or CSS as this can cause the app to break, or create very unexpected results.

Common Questions

Does the resync affect my settings?
No, clicking on the Sync button on the app does not affect or change any of your settings or discount offers. This feature is designed to sync all the settings you have made after you update your theme to make sure all settings before the updates are still applied.

Why is the message "Changed Theme" showing up on my Shopify activity feeds?
This message appears as the app updates our snippet file in your theme when settings are changed within the app. This is something you don't need to worry about. We are currently working on a fix to prevent this message from showing up.