Line by Line Discounts vs Single Discount Code

There are two ways for the app to handle discounts on orders:

  • Line by line discounts
  • Single discount code

You can see these  Discounted Pricing Method In the General Settings section of the app, as shown here: 

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What's the difference?

Here are a few details to explain the differences between the two Discounted Pricing Methods:

Line by line discounts


  • Referral tracking and conversion details are lost
  • Conversion details and referral tracking are disregarded
  • Orders show in "Other" channel in reports
  • No abandoned checkout notifications


  • Discounts are shown for each item thus providing more visibility

Note: If you choose this option, the discount code field on the CHECKOUT page will not be visible as seen above. 

Single discount code

  • All discounts are summed up in a single discount code rather than showing per line item.


  • Conversion details and referral tracking are tracked properly.
  • Orders are shown in proper channel reports.

Discount Codes not working?

If you have added discount codes so your customers can use them in conjunction with other discounts and they are not working when you tested them, the codes may have not been synced yet for them to work. By default, the discount codes are automatically synced after installing the app and then it checks for new discount codes every 12 hours to sync them.

Launch the app and click Settings.
Go to  General Settings.
Click Sync Discounts.
A popup message confirming that the discounts are now synced will appear and the button is now changed to Queued!

Common Question

Can I set the app to sync the codes in a scheduled time interval?
No. There is no way to set the automatic syncing of the codes to your desired time interval. You can only do the syncing manually at any time you prefer or wait for the automatic syncing which is every 12 hours.