Line by Line Discounts vs Single Discount Code

In the settings section of the app, there will be something that says "discounted pricing method" as shown here:

There are two ways for the app to handle discounts on orders.

We recommend the Single Discount Code method.

Single Discount Code:

Cons:  All discounts are summed up in a single discount code rather than showing per line item.


  • Conversion details and referral tracking are tracked properly
  • Orders are shown in proper channel reports

Line by Line Discounts:

Cons: referral tracking and conversion details are lost, orders show in "Other" channel in reports, no abandoned checkout notifications, slower to checkout

  • Conversion details and referral tracking are disregarded
  • Orders show in "Other" channel in reports
  • No abandoned checkouts

Pros: Discounts are shown for each item (more visibility)

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