Discount code not working?

If you have added discount codes so your customers can use them in conjunction with other discounts, you will need to sync the codes for them to work. By default, the discount codes are automatically synced after installing the app and then check for new discount codes every 12 hours to sync them.

However, If you have added new discount codes and need to activate them within the app for them to work right away, you can sync your discount codes manually. Follow the steps below to manually sync your discount codes:

Step1. Launch your Discounted Pricing app and click Settings.

Step2. Click General Settings.

Step3. Click Sync Discounts.

A popup message confirming that the discounts are now synced and the button is now changed to Queued!

NOTE: Our app does not support the "free shipping" Shopify code or any discount codes created by third-party apps.

If this does not resolve your issue and you need more help, please click Contact Us below!

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