I can't see my offers

There's usually a few main things that need to be checked if you cannot see your offer after you have created it.

If you view a product that is included in a volume discounts offer - you should see your volume discounts table around your add to cart button.

If you can't see this  - please ensure the following:

  1. The offer is a Volume Discount offer.
  2. The offer starts time is either empty or set to a past time.
  3. The "Show a volume discount table on the product page" is turned ON. This can be found under "settings"

Disabling Ajax Cart

Ajax cart needs to be disabled for our app to work as intended. You can find out more about it here and disable it if needed.

Conflict with other apps

While a lot of apps are compatible with our app, there will be some apps in the market that breaks our Discounted Pricing app either partially or entirely.

Here is a list of the types of apps that aren't compatible with our Discounted Upsells app:

  • Any app that takes over the checkout process
  • Any preorder app
  • Any other upsell or discount app
  • Quantity Breaks

Incompatible Theme

There might be some incompatibility issues with the theme that is installed on the store. This will require further investigation as there can be multiple issues. We suggest contacting us by clicking on the "contact us" link below. Please note that not all issues can be fixed as there are  some themes just do not agree with our app at all.

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