All about upsell message

The upsell message is a short note that appears on the cart page. It appears as soon as the product has been selected to let the customers know that there is an ongoing discount offer for the product as long as the requirements are met. 

Note: This short note also appears in the form of a Notification Bar that can also be seen on the product page as long as it is enabled. The upsell message and the texts on the Notification Bar are exactly the same.

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Modifying the Upsell message

There is a default format of the upsell message, however, you can modify it depending on your preference. Follow the steps below to learn how to modify the upsell message:

Launch the app and go to Offers.
Click the  Actions drop-down menu on your preferred offer and click  Edit.
Scroll down and locate the  Upsell Message field.
Modify the message according to your preference.

Note: The words enclosed in the curly brackets are placeholders for the quantity and discount value, depending on the type of offer created. These should not be modified since this is part of the code.

Click  Save.
Test the offer to make sure your changes are applied.

Removing the Upsell message

To remove the upsell message:

On the Edit Offer page, scroll down to the Upsell Message field.
Simply erase everything to clear the field.
Click Save.

Manually setting the message to bold

You can set the texts on the product message to bold for emphasis if you wish to. This is done by going through the HTML codes in the developer section of the app. 

Go to  Settings.
Under  Customize Design tab, choose  Advanced
Inside the  Custom  CSS box, enter the following codes:

.ba-discount-tiers h4 {
font-size: 20px;
font-family: sans-serif; }

Click  Save.

Common Questions

Can I set the app to allow adding of items when the upsell message is clicked?
No, this is not possible. There is no setting or option within the app to be able to add an item to the cart when you click on the upsell message. 

Is it possible to put the message on the header above the logo on mobile view?
This kind of setting actually depends on your theme since each theme creates a different look on the mobile view. Also, whatever changes you make on the desktop view will also affect the mobile view. Our Developers are currently working on a plan on how to separate customization for desktop and mobile views to achieve the exact look that is desired.

Is it possible to let the success message shows only when the highest discount was availed?
No. The success message is designed to pair with the discount being offered if the type of discount is set to Volume Discount. Once you set up a success message, it will appear every time a discount is availed regardless of the amount or percentage.