Why does the discount disappear when the customer goes back to complete his order?

Question: My customer complains about the discount disappearing although he was able to see the discount when he added the products on his cart. He then goes back to the catalog to explore more products and when he finally decides to check out and complete his orders, the discount disappeared and the products are all displayed at regular prices. Why is this happening?

Answer: This situation occurs on abandoned carts, where customers place products on his cart and then leave the cart without completing his orders first. The reason why abandoned carts do not receive the discounts is that when the customer decides to go back to finish the order, they go straight away to the checkout page. Please take note that for the discounts to be applied, the customers should pass through the cart page. If they go directly to the checkout page, they will see a message that the discounts are not applicable anymore. There is also a new feature that the discounts from our app are only valid for 15 minutes on the checkout page.

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